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Evolution of a Set

At UWFox Theatre we starting planning about 18 months in advance for a show. We get rights, talk about concepts, and have a check list of 87 other things that need to get done before we ever start a rehearsal.

We have a brand new show opening in April 2015 that we are pretty excited about. Failure: A Love Story is a magical, whimsical fable that traces the sisters' triumphs and defeats, lived out in the rickety two-story building by the Chicago River that was the Fail family home and clock shop. The script is unique as the cast can be split up any way the director imagines.

Freedom is exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Designer Erick Gyrion and I had been in concept meetings for several weeks when we tried a new idea. I did a possible cast assignment, we brought in 9 actors to read the script and Erick sketched as they read the lines. It allowed me to hear my potential layout and let his imagine run wild.

So here are a few photos of the evolution of a set in process. Check the show out in April 2015 to see the finished project.

Susan Rabideau
UWFox Theatre